Video Final: Final Cut Pro

18 04 2012

This week we were given the assignment to create a story out of still photos using audio and photo shop to enhance our video.

This is a video I created for my media technology class:

——>> <<——-


Final Cut Pro

5 04 2012

Hey everyone! This week for my media technology class I made a video story to accompany the soundscape I created. This is my absolute first attempt with Final Cut Pro and after watching upwards of a dozen tutorials, I came up with this amateur production. Emphasis on the amateur, but I had fun making it. What do you think?

Unfortunately the website I used to upload this video does not have a WordPress format for the “share,” so here is a link

Audacity Attempt #3 – Final Audio Project

3 04 2012

For my media Technology class, I had to make three different tracks for my final Audio project. The first track is a recording of a faux -advertisement I created for the site, the next one is a chopped and screwed version of the advertisement, and my third track is a soundscape. A soundscape is a story told through different sound samplings, I made mine about driving around with friends. Thanks for listening!

Audacity Part 2

20 03 2012

I tried using Audacity one more time, and it finally worked for me! This is an advertisement I created to promote an event that Phree Philly is hosting (Disclosure: This is not a real event, and is not really happening.

For BTMM: Audacity Experiment

1 03 2012

This is my first attempt with Audactity. I recorded myself saying a poem and then remixed it to sound a lot different. I will admit that it is really rough. I tried out all of the different effects but I could only figure out what three of them actually did. I think it has an interesting sound, but give me a break I just started using this software.

Link to my Soundcloud Account


Hey! I had another assignment….

23 02 2012

Hey guys! Phree Philly might be going independent soon! We just got an offer from this new online company to give us a website all to our own! Here is a mock- up of what the site is going to look like, kind of like a rough draft. It’s not functional yet, but hopefully it will be soon.

Phree Philly - Website

The Electric Factory

22 02 2012
The Electric Factory

The Electric Factory

Art includes music too people! My favorite venue to go to in Philly is definitely the Electric Factory. This factory has been one of Philadelphia’s most famous venue’s for more than 40 years. I love going here, during the winter this is the spot where all of my favorite artists perform.

The best part about this place is the prices of the tickets! I have, several times over, had the pleasure of successfully buying a cheap ticket moments before a concert begins.  In fact, I did just that the other night. On Saturday, my friends and I heard there was going to be a concert there later that night. The tickets were $20 and the concert was well worth the price.

Here’s a video of the concert I went to. (Just to let everyone know before hand, the band playing is Big Gigantic, for those of you who do not know this band, it is a blend of dubstep with a saxophone. GIVE THEM A CHANCE they’re really good, I promise.)