Hello world!

26 01 2012

Hello and welcome to Phree Philly, the new blog that lets you in on some of Philadelphia’s best events and happenings, many of which are free! As a native of the Philadelphia area I have become keen to the secrets splendors of this historic city. Each week I will give you a look at some of Philadelphia’s current events.

A little background about myself: My name is Emily, I am a student at Temple University, and I have lived in the Philadelphia area for the past twenty years. When I was younger, my father and mother would take my sister and me into the city every weekend. We would visit the Italian Market, China Town, Center City, Old City, South Philly, and the North East.

Why I made this blog: I chose to make a blog focusing on all of the things to do in Philadelphia. When I began attending Temple University I noticed that there are hundreds of things to do on any given day, but not everyone knows about them.

This blog is meant to spark ideas that you can do with your family and friends in Philly. It will cover everything from clubs to bike paths, restaurants to new vintage shops. Think of this blog as a list of what-to-do-in-Philly before you move.