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23 02 2012

Hey guys! Phree Philly might be going independent soon! We just got an offer from this new online company to give us a website all to our own! Here is a mock- up of what the site is going to look like, kind of like a rough draft. It’s not functional yet, but hopefully it will be soon.

Phree Philly - Website


The Electric Factory

22 02 2012
The Electric Factory

The Electric Factory

Art includes music too people! My favorite venue to go to in Philly is definitely the Electric Factory. This factory has been one of Philadelphia’s most famous venue’s for more than 40 years. I love going here, during the winter this is the spot where all of my favorite artists perform.

The best part about this place is the prices of the tickets! I have, several times over, had the pleasure of successfully buying a cheap ticket moments before a concert begins.  In fact, I did just that the other night. On Saturday, my friends and I heard there was going to be a concert there later that night. The tickets were $20 and the concert was well worth the price.

Here’s a video of the concert I went to. (Just to let everyone know before hand, the band playing is Big Gigantic, for those of you who do not know this band, it is a blend of dubstep with a saxophone. GIVE THEM A CHANCE they’re really good, I promise.)


22 02 2012

Kelly Drive Bike Path

A well known secret amongst Philadelphian’s is the bike path that follows the Schuylkill River and Kelly Drive. Locals and tourists alike know of this landmark location because of events such as the Philadelphia Regatta Races in the Spring, and the famous Boat House Row which is built along side the bike path. This scenic pathway loops around the Schuylkill and runs up and down the East and West sides of the river.

This trail is friendly for cyclist, walkers, joggers, roller bladders, and especially families. Although the scene is best during the Spring and Summer seasons, the trail is open year round. And here is the best part, it is absolutely free to use! Get on your gear and quit your gym membership, Philadelphia’s Kelly Drive Bike path is free, easy, and beautiful.


16 02 2012

I love this store!! Buffalo Exchange is located on Chestnut St. between 17th and 18th Sts. in Center City. If you like rummaging through racks on racks on racks of designer clothes at dirt cheap prices, this is the shop for you. They have shoes, shirts, skirts, jeans, jeggings,

Buffalo Exchange - 1713 Chestnut Street

socks, belts, handbags, and much much more.

Buffalo Exchange is a consignment shop, meaning they sell and buy clothes from customers. But don’t show up to this shop with your mom’s old-but-coming-back mom jeans, they don’t want them. Buffalo Exchange prides itself on being up to date with current fashion trends, so just a warning: they will not buy any clothes more than two seasons old.

I love this store because there is no place like it in the Philadelphia area, I always find great deals and awesome clothes when I shop here. I highly recommend you and your friends try it out for yourselves today.

And HEY GUYS!! This store has tons of great clothes and shoes for you too. Do not underestimate the power of seeming like you know whats hot in fashion.

Keep your wardrobe up to date and your wallet fat by visiting Buffalo Exchange.


16 02 2012
Greene Street

Greene Street Consignment - 700 South Street

On the corner of South and 7th Sts, there is the cutest consignment shop that I have been dying to look at since I moved to the city. Its a large brick store with giant store front windows that reveal slender mannequins draped in silk and cashmere.  I used this blog as my excuse to finally go shopping there.

Greene Street Consignment is a one of a kind consignment shop. Walking into this store it’s hard to imagine that any of the clothes have been worn before. It has a clean, professional, well lit atmosphere, and a super friendly staff.

This shop is a bit more expensive than your typical Consignment shop, but it’s worth it. Greene Street only buys and sells clothes that are less than a year old, in near new condition. Some of the clothes even still have the original tags on them!

They sell shirts, pants, jeans, skirts, shoes, hats, and accessories for both men and women.

Check out the New Pages!!

9 02 2012

Hey everyone! Check out the new pages I added to the blog. Each one appeals to different people so if you see something on the page that doesn’t tickle your fancy, don’t get upset, I promise I’ll add a lot of variety!

Hey look what I made!

2 02 2012

For my intro to media technology class, I had to analyze a website of my choice. I chose my friend Julie’s photography website, I love the way she designed the layout. It’s just like her, edgy with a little bit of glamour. I hope you like it.


Photography Website – JuJubeeJulz.com

            The photography industry has a lot of competition, in today’s digital society it helps to have a website for potential clients to access the artist. The website www.jujubeejulz.com was created by my high school friend, Julie Borowksy, to promote her work. When the home page launches, the user sees a monochromatic color scheme in black; the color purple accent color is visible when the user scrolls over the navigation bar at the top of the page. The header reads, “Julie Borowsky, Photographer,” there are also links to her Facebook page and Twitter page represented by a Twitter icon and Facebook icon. The same font is used through the entire site: a white font that looks similar to handwriting. There is also a built in audio player which plays a soundtrack of house music. The background image is one of her photos winged by a two inch black boarder on each side; it is the image of an eye, taken using a macro feature which shows her skills as a photographer.

The page with her photography posted on it is labeled “PHOTOS” this page has the same header and background image as the home page. There are eight “photo albums,” the albums are set in a 2×4 grid. The only text on the page is the titles of the albums, written on top of a cover image. The cover image is a good idea because it gives the user a hint of the content in the album. To navigate to the actual photographs the user only has to click on the name of the album and they are redirected to the subpages within “PHOTOS.” In the subpages there are no more than six images on the page at one time, to view the other pictures the user clicks on the arrows next to the images. By having no more than six images on the page at once, the user has less to look at and therefore will be more likely to look at each of the images. There is no text on this page with the exception of the titles on the navigation bar. I believe this is a very effective method of presenting photography. Due to this page being image based, it is important not to distract or confuse the user with too much text. The layout also looks professional, so when potential clients view this webpage, they will realize that she is a serious photographer and not just a girl with a camera.
The other two pages on the website, “CONTACT” and “BLOG!” there is very little content. When the user goes to the “BLOG!” page there are two lines of text; the first line says “CLICK!” and the second line says the name of her blog, “JUJUBEEJULZ BLOG.” This text is actually a link to her blog page where she posts information about her side projects in her school and personal life. This page layout is effective because it is obvious when you load the page that the text is a link to a different page and there are no other images or text on the page to distract from the link. The “CONTACT” page consists of a large black rectangle with feedback fields on top. There is a field for “Your Name,” “Your Email,” “Subject,” and a “Message.” Above the feedback area, she wrote her email address where she could be contacted. I believe that this page is basically effective, it does allow users to provide feedback and ask questions however the area for feedback does seem rudimentarily put together. It does not display any type of real effort, nor does it give the users any way to contact Julie besides email. To improve this page, Julie should offer further contact information such as a telephone number, or even information about where the user can view more of her works.

I found this website to be very easy to navigate through, all of the pages content was simple to understand and was uncluttered, and the layout was extremely well planned. When the page launches, it feels a little dark and edgy and then you notice the large mascaraed eye in the background and you hint this sense of glamour. The page is interesting to look at and it provides the user with enough information that they can get a feel of what type of art she creates. This website will definitely catch the eye of any user who stumbles upon it.

CLICK HERE  —> Web Site Map to see the site’s map.