Video Final: Final Cut Pro

18 04 2012

This week we were given the assignment to create a story out of still photos using audio and photo shop to enhance our video.

This is a video I created for my media technology class:

——>> <<——-


Final Cut Pro

5 04 2012

Hey everyone! This week for my media technology class I made a video story to accompany the soundscape I created. This is my absolute first attempt with Final Cut Pro and after watching upwards of a dozen tutorials, I came up with this amateur production. Emphasis on the amateur, but I had fun making it. What do you think?

Unfortunately the website I used to upload this video does not have a WordPress format for the “share,” so here is a link

Audacity Attempt #3 – Final Audio Project

3 04 2012

For my media Technology class, I had to make three different tracks for my final Audio project. The first track is a recording of a faux -advertisement I created for the site, the next one is a chopped and screwed version of the advertisement, and my third track is a soundscape. A soundscape is a story told through different sound samplings, I made mine about driving around with friends. Thanks for listening!