Video Final: Final Cut Pro

18 04 2012

This week we were given the assignment to create a story out of still photos using audio and photo shop to enhance our video.

This is a video I created for my media technology class:

——>> <<——-




14 responses

19 04 2012

i enjoyed the music you used for your video!

19 04 2012

i like the “hero” music you included which automatically makes the viewer know that he is there to save the day. some o the words went by fast, but overall this was a good video and the ending was abrupt

19 04 2012

The pictures are all different sizes that can be easily fixed with image+wire framing. Besides that the epic music helped your story a lot!

19 04 2012

I like the story of your video. I think that it moves a little too fast and some of the text is hard to read. Cool concept though.

19 04 2012

indiana jones.

19 04 2012

Cool story and great music choice.

19 04 2012

i actually like the abrupt ending, i thought it was cool.

19 04 2012

really liked the music and the storyline

19 04 2012

The text was difficult to read, but other than that not bad!

19 04 2012

I enjoy the fast pace of the video! The first thing I did notice though, was that some of your text was not visible. Just be clear of the color you use. Your music was good as well. Good job

19 04 2012

i really like the music it gives it like a story like feel to the entire video

19 04 2012
Alexandra Gallo

Your blog is one my favorites. Cute video. And I love your outfit right now.

19 04 2012
Rachel Kerr

Enjoyed the background music and the story was very different and original!

19 04 2012

The action “hero” music went well with video, it gave the video funnier feel.

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