Dining Out

Pats Vs. Geno’s

Pat's King of Steaks 

For as long as any Philadelphian can remember there has been the rivalry between Pat’s King of Steaks and Geno’s Steaks. These two legendary steak shops have been occupying the same intersection of 9th and Passyunk since the 1960’s. Since then the shops have created a huge stir in the Italian Market district serving up massive steaks, each with a

Geno's Steaks

unique style. Pat’s makes their steaks with chopped up steak topped “wit” or “wit-out” onions and your choice of cheese, mushroom, and or peppers. Geno’s makes their steaks with sliced meat and again your choice of cheese, onions, mushrooms and or peppers.

If you have yet to pick a side on this rivalry, I highly recommend trying out what I did: One of my friends and me drove down, we each bought a steak with onions and American cheese and brought it back to the car (WARNING: do NOT try to bring one of the steaks into the other shops eating area, just take my word for it). We set it up so we each had one half Geno’s and one half Pat’s.

Regardless of which side you choose, you have to try these steaks. Which steak is your favorite?

Prices: Pat’s steaks run between $7.00 to $8.50, and Geno’s steaks are $8.00 – $9.50.


It’s Here! It’s Here!

Philadelphia Restaurant Week - Mercato BYOB

It’s that special time of year again foodies, it’s Restaurant Week here in Philly. Those few weeks, from January 22-27 and January 29- February 3,  when the fine restaurants of Philadelphia open their doors to us and welcome us in with a three course dinner for $35.00. Before you scoff, you will not be eating at Chipolte or Wendy’s. This two week long event is going to have participants like Le Bec Fin, El Vez, Del Frisco’s, and The Capital Grille. On any other night thirty five dollars would get maybe one entree. There are hundreds of other restaurants participating, all located in or around Center City Philadelphia.
This is a great opportunity to try out any restaurant you have been salivating over, or if you just want to try someplace new. Follow this link —->LINK<—- to be connected to a site where you can see a full list of the participating restaurants and schedule your reservation.


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