For the Outdoorsmen

Running for a Cause

Running is great exercise, and now it is also a great way to help out others in our area. The program Back On My Feet helps the homeless in our community by giving them a routine and a goal to work towards. The group is compromised of both those who live in shelters around the city, and running fanatics who want to motivate their peers. This amazing group meets at Fairmount Park at 5:30 in the morning, and pushes all of the members to achieve a new goal; whether that be to run a mile or to run in the upcoming Philadelphia Marathon. Back On My Feet’s mission is to foster self-confidence and determination amongst the members. The programs run for four to six months, and they take dedication very seriously. If you like to run and want to give back to your community, I couldn’t think of a better program to join.



Do you love cycling? Do you find pedaling to be a natural movement? Then have I got the spot for you, the Kelly Drive, West River

Boat House Row

Drive Bike Path. I myself came across this path while I was getting rid of some of my winter-weight with speed walking. Its the Kelly Drive bike path and unlike the Fairmount park path, this one goes directly along the Schuylkill River and it drops you off right into Center City, by the Art Museum. I love, love, love this path, I went during the end of March, but during the Spring is when this place really lights up. The scenery around this place looks like it was snatched right out of a Nicholas Sparks novel, and the people are all very polite and just want to have fun outside. And *MOMMY ALERT* this path is a prime location for jogging strollers and baby-bikers. Since I’ve started walking here a few months ago, it has remained my favorite spot. I hope you love it too!

Fairmount Park


If we’re talking about going outside in Philadelphia, we have to bring up Fairmount Park. This national park, conveniently located in the middle of the city, is one of my personal favorite outdoor locations to hang out. This park is great for picnics, touch football, driving ranges, walking, biking, jogging, play dates, it’s pretty much equipped to handle anything. If you’re a cyclist, you have got to check out the bike trail which goes through the park, Strawberry Mansion Drive. This is the road which winds its way through the park and it makes for an extremely relaxing and enjoyable ride. Check it out for yourselves. Not sure where it is still? Here’s a link!




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